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My post tonight is a tribute to my father-in-law, Stanley Gleason, and also to my family.  I have been blessed to marry the best man in the whole wide world!  Sorry, all you girls out there who are looking for Mr. Right – he’s taken!  When I married him, I also married into his family; he had 3 daughters, his parents, and grandparents (on his mother’s side).  His parents welcomed me into their family as if I were their own.  I have been blessed to have the worlds best in-laws, too!

Last week, my father-in-law passed away after suffering from a multitude of health problems over the past few years.  We were told on 5 different occasions that he probably wouldn’t live through whatever health issue he was facing at the time.  But, he always pulled through.  In November he entered the hospital with an infection so bad it was spread thru his whole body.  Again, we were told he most likely would not make it thru, but amazingly he did.    No one planned on hosting Thanksgiving Dinner because we thought he wouldn’t be with us and we were taking life one day at time.  Well he got out of ICU and I cooked a turkey and we celebrated Thanksgiving grateful he pulled through.  But it seemed to take such a toll on him, and he told us what we all seemed to know; that he was dying.  He wanted to die at home so on Dec. 1st, we brought him home, with hospice, to die.

Everyone, especially Dad, thought it might only be a few days at best, and again, no one made any plans or preparations for Christmas.  Just taking life one day at a time. Christmas came and New Years came and Dad was still with us.

A hospital bed in the living room, hospice nurses each morning, taking turns sitting with him, became the norm.  Wonderful friends, neighbors, and people from our churches bringing meals kept us nourished without having to think about planning meals and cooking.  Dad was unable to do much, or eat much and became increasing agitated if left alone, even for a few minutes.  So we took turns, staying over, just so Mom could shower, sleep, and take care of basic household chores.   Nightime was hard because Dad wouldn’t sleep at all so whoever was there didn’t sleep either. Mom found it difficult to go into the bedroom and leave Dad so most nights she didn’t sleep either.  Needless to say, we all were exhausted & sleep deprived.

But the last weekend of January, Dad was getting especially weak, Mom was so exhausted we thought she was going to collapse so we decided to move Dad to the inpatient hospice unit for 5 days of respite for Mom.   That morning Dad stopped being able to swallow and it was the beginning of the end.  God, in His providence, placed Dad where he needed to be, and removed a burden that was too great from Mom.  On Jan. 30th, Dad celebrated his 83rd birthday, although he was unable to do anymore than just open his eyes and squeeze your hand.  Early the next morning, Dad left this world to go home.

I made the following video as a tribute to him; it was shown at his memorial service.  Stanley W. Gleason – A Celebration of Life

It is not good-bye, but until we see you again!

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2 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. Wow, Nancy! What a touching tribute!!! I cried as I read your blog tribute and as I watched the video, and I don’t even know him! You did a wonderful job celebrating his life, and I’m sure he’s in a better, perfect place! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for so much for such kind words and for your taking the time to watch the video, esp. coming from someone who doesn’t know him. That means so much to me!

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