How My Bad Hair Cut will Help YOU become a Better Paper Crafter

I’m still suffering the trauma of a bad hair cut the other day.  Not your average bad cut, mind you.  I’m talking a BAD. HAIR. CUT.  Really Bad!!! The kind that makes me want to put a bag over my head before going out in public Bad.  Yes, it’s really that bad.  Butchered might even be the best way to describe it.

I always liked my long hair, and my husband loved it.  He would always compliment me and tell me how pretty my hair looked, and how he loved it long.  My hair was much longer than shoulder length; it was middle of my back.  Well, I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story….

So how does My Bad Hair Cut Make YOU a Better Paper Crafter?  Mistakes.  We all make them.  I’m sure that the gal who cut my hair was not malicious in her intent; it was a mistake.  Admittedly a big one.  But she made a mistake.  In a few years I might look back and laugh.  After all, it’s only hair and it will grow back… eventually.

When it comes to paper crafting, I’ve made a lot of mistakes.  For a funny story of a big mistake I made while teaching a class, you can see this blog post that I shared.   My mistakes have become good teachers.  I’ve never made the same mistake twice because I’ve learned from it.  In fact, if you’ve ever taken a class with me, you’ll know that I’m fond of saying  “A well placed embellishment can cover most mistakes, for the rest, well, there’s always a new piece of paper!”  A fresh start, a clean slate, a redo.  I can usually recover from a mistake quite well because of all I’ve learned the hard way.

I’ve never condemned anyone in my classes for making a mistake.  (I usually have extra paper on hand just for such occasions!)  And now, I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks to make you a better paper crafter based on the bits of wisdom I gleaned from making mistakes.

For starters, there’s always the basic, “Check the direction of the fold on your card base BEFORE gluing anything down!”  If you want to know why I’m always saying that (and checking my own card base)  read this blog post.

My next favorite saying while I’m teaching my classes is “Dry fit your layers BEFORE applying glue!”  It just works a lot better if you know where you’re going before you put glue on it.  Trust me.

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