It’s Election Day!


As American citizens, we have a privilege that many citizens around the globe do not have; that is the privilege to VOTE for our leaders.  Please exercise that privilege to vote and make your voice heard.  Due your due diligence and know the candidates and where they stand on important issues, and their track record.   Don’t be swayed by negative attack ads or what one candidate has to say about his/her opponent (they are usually half-truths at best).  Rather listen to what each candidate has to say for himself.  Then, make an informed decision and cast your ballot.

When you’re done doing your civic duty, come back here and check out the newest additions to our MDS2 digital offering.  (Hint:  If you are sports fan, you’ll love today’s newest downloads!)

Not using MDS2 yet?  Get a free 30-day no risk trial here or click on the button to the right.  (That’s something I wish we could do with our politicians!  Not living up to their campaign promises – 30 days later just give ’em the boot!)  If you like MDS2, you can purchase the software and continue using it.  Don’t like it?  Nothing lost.  It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t have to cancel, you don’t have to do anything.    All fun, no risk, what could be easier?

I’ll be posting a pic in the next few days – I made my Thanksgiving invitations using MDS2 and I’m so thrilled with the way they turned out.  Stay tuned to see that.